Beautiful Snacks

I love to eat.

It’s really that simple. Now, if I could just negotiate that I eat only when I’m hungry I’d be well on my way to my healthy eating holy grail. I have no doubts that I will be able to figure this out for myself when I decide that it’s time. My first step will be to eat ONLY those things that I love and make me happy. I certainly don’t mean that I’m only going to eat pizza all the time – and I love pizza, there’s no doubt about that! So, I guess my pre-first step has already been that I do my best to eat a healthy, well-rounded diet. Now I can turn my attention to what I love and makes me happy! Here goes…

I started thinking about this when I made a tossed together snack of a toasted, light English muffin spread with 1 triangle of Laughing Cow Cheese and topped with a spoonful of medium salsa on each half. It was surprisingly perfect – crunchy, creamy, with a touch of spicy heat (3 SP). I had no idea I was going to love it so much. Another fabulous thing about it was that it was more than just one bite, I could reasonably savor it for a short while. That is a beautiful snack, in my opinion, and I smile just thinking about it.

Now I’m wondering what other items I can include on my Beautiful Snack list. What do I love? What makes me happy? Perhaps I can help narrow my view by recognizing a thing of two about what I don’t like and what makes me a bit sad. There are foods I’m not overly fond of and those are easy to identify for myself, but what I truly do not like is when the amount of food is very small. The idea of ONE bite of something delicious makes me sad – pouty sad. I’m not a be-all and end-all type when it comes to chocolate, I can truthfully take it or leave it. So I will count my blessings that I don’t have to negotiate that territory! Chocolate is not on my Beautiful Snack list.

Let’s see…here are some things that would make my cut:

  • A crisp, sweet apple – cut into wedges. Sometimes I will add 2 tablespoons of PB2.
  • A juicy, pear – cut into quarters, eaten on a plate with a fork.
  • A light English muffin toasted and spread with 1 tablespoon of hummus on each half and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.
  • Starkist Tuna Creations Hot Buffalo Style Tuna with 2 tablespoons of Skinnytaste blue cheese dressing (
  • Homemade, roasted red peppers or beets or Brussel sprouts.

That’s definitely a start! YUM! Big flavor and a variety of textures seem to be my leanings. Let the search continue.

What’s on your Beautiful Snack list?

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