The Struggle is Real?

The struggle is real! — Or, is it?

My it has always been losing and maintaining a healthy weight. I have felt and agonized over the struggle for almost my entire life. When I was a child I was a victim of others taunts, but as I grew older I started to take things into my own hands. Unfortunately, being in control of my weight loss efforts didn’t alleviate the struggle, it merely made me feel that I was a failure. The struggle continued and it controlled me.

Yesterday, as I was practicing meditation (that’s a whole other story), I had a moment of surprising clarity. Maybe I should classify it as an Ah-ha! moment. The centering thought for the day’s meditation was “Now is my time.” ( At first it just seemed to be a very generic, positive statement then it made me realize that now is not an event it is ALWAYS. My time is always. It’s NOT a struggle, it’s ALWAYS. It’s not a task or goal to achieve, it’s who I am and what I want. It’s ALWAYS available to me.

When I remove the struggle for my perception and live in my time, my always, I feel relaxed and free. I’m no longer clenching on the inside. My time is always and if I want to truly experience it I need to stop clenching and struggling and embrace what it is offering.

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  1. So true. I this is an excellent point and thought provoking for many. I have had an ongoing “heated discussion” with my body since I was young. The conversation did not center around weight… but I have been a sickly baby, child, young adult and now an adult. Growing and living with the duality of having a strong will/mind while feeling consistently plagued by a body that wouldn’t “keep up” greatly affected my self-image. I’ve been angry and resentful that, no matter what I did for my body (exercise, supplements, etc.), it seemed to have its own “path” and/or “pace” that was predetermined by many things, mostly genetics. Nevertheless, I continued to fight with my
    body day after day… year after year.

    As I get older, the pressure that I put on myself of NEEDING to get better as fast as possible isn’t working out. If anything, my body seems to be more and more resistant. What I have begun to realize is that I have been “teaching” my body what our relationship was/is. By not respecting and accepting its qualities…. I’ve taught it to do nothing but battle with me. These two entities, my mind and body, have forever been my ALWAYS. I was seeing life as moments and goals that I needed to drag my body to/through come hell or high water.

    I’ve been trying to make peace with my body… Not make peace with my self image, that’s not what I mean. I mean I’ve been trying to start a new conversation. There is no reason why I cannot achieve my goals… but I need stop looking at my body as something that is just a “ball and chain” that I drag around. I need to let my body know that it’s ok if it hurts… it’s ok to have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn’s AND ITS NO ONE’S FAULT. It’s our ALWAYS. My body needs to hear that I love it anyway…. Hey, it’s the only one I got! It’s part of what makes me… me!

    My body and I are LIVING with RA….
    My body and I are LIVING with Crohn’s Disease…

    Today I get up in the morning and say to my body… “Let’s go, let’s do this together. I love you and I can’t do this without you. Forever and ALWAYS.” ❤️

    • New book title: Breathe Don’t Clench – Always. We are amazing women who will work with the abundance of the universe.

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