About Me


Hi, I’m Merrette – it’s pronounced ‘merit’. I’m on a quest to discover my healthiest self. I’ve spent what seems a lifetime trying to become thin and attractive. After years and years and, yes, years a light bulb has turned on – actually, it may be a spotlight that has hit me directly in the eyes – I’m already attractive, and my true quest is to be the healthiest version of myself possible FOR ME. The talkers in my head will try to trick me out of the truth and keep me looping around in endless circles, though, so I need to keep it fresh and keep talking louder than those voices. This blog is my space for talking it out loud.

I’ve already made huge strides forward without being mindfully conscious of my true quest. I’ve become the woman who has stopped holding her breath when she moves her body (aka – works out) to one who has created a fulfilling, consistent, and livable active lifestyle. When I shush my inner critics I’m quite happily pleased with myself. I’m also a Lifetime WeightWatchers® member. I’m working my way back to goal weight, but that’s where my desire and drive to write this blog had its inception.

WeightWatchers® is great. It speaks to me and makes sense to me. I have the tools, I understand the tools, I am able to work the tools, but right now those tools are kept in a toolbox where I find and use them as needed. Until I truly house those tools inside my head I will continue circling around my same issues, triggers, and frustrations. I’m finished with the loop I’ve been travelling, I’m ready for my quest to move forward to places I’ve yet to discover.

My journey is now mental and I’m going to take over the space inside my head with the truth. The good, the bad, the ugly, the insightful, the brilliant…I’m ready to talk it out and in. Please feel free to join in the conversation.