Eating by 22 Minute Hard Corps


I’m a Weight Watcher for life. In fact, I’m a Lifetime Member of WeightWatchers. In complete honesty, though, I’m a Lifetime Member of WeightWatchers making my way back to my goal weight. The road back is more challenging than the road I took to get to my goal in the first place, but I’m personally assimilating the knowledge and skills this time around and that will serve me brilliantly for the rest of my life.

As I stagger through the end of the school year and deal with the various emotional ups and downs that pass my way I’ve found it more challenging to plan meals and even eat the meals that I have planned. It’s become apparent to me that when I’m stressed out and tired I lose all motivation to do what I know I need to do¬†to eat for my best health. I completely understand how I’m feeling and I definitely know how to plan and prep for meals, but down to my bones I JUST DON’T WANT TO DO IT. In order to not think about it I decided to follow the eating plan that came along with the Beachbody fitness program “22 Minute Hard Corps.”

The nutrition plan is clean and straight forward. The recipes are easily prepared and quite tasty. I figured out my “Ration Plan” by answering a few questions¬†and chose to follow the daily structure breakdown of what to eat for each meal and snack. The plan makes sense and I followed it quite successfully. Here’s what I learned –

  1. Eating more protein keeps me satisfied for a longer period of time
  2. Because I’m not starving going into lunch I can eat a smaller amount and continue feeling satisfied
  3. Eating a healthy fat for an afternoon snack seems small but it gets me through to dinner without a problem
  4. A serving of protein and vegetables for dinner seems skimpy but, once again, it’s enough
  5. I don’t need to have an evening snack because I’m hungry – I’m not hungry
  6. Although I love fruit I shouldn’t eat it endlessly because it’s good for me, watching my portion sizes and quantities will only benefit me in the long run

My big Ah-ha! though is that I need to adopt my “no think” method of exercising – which has made working out a natural part of my every day – to my approach for eating. I’ll think about what my body needs to feel its best, but I’m going to turn off that part of my brain that petulantly insists that it deserves to eat whatever I want whenever I want it.

What I really deserve and what I really want is to feel great – healthy and satisfied.

Releasing My Control Freak


It’s been just over a week since we had to say our farewells to Miles and although the sadness continues, life does go on. My heavy heart is lightening a little every day and I’m starting to reorganize my daily routine without my dear pup. It’s strange.

Another side affect I’m experiencing in my grief is that I don’t feel like thinking and organizing myself. Maybe this shouldn’t be a big deal, but I’m very aware that I’m a control freak and when I don’t feel that I have a firm grasp on my responsibilities and what’s going on around me stress dominates my existence. Couple my emotional response to losing Miles with the fast approaching end of the school year and all the deadlines and general chaos that ensues I’m feeling completely out of control. I don’t want to think about any of it, but my responsibilities continue regardless. I also have personal responsibilities that need my time if not my attention. I need to return to my workout schedule and healthy eating but my head doesn’t want to organize it.

My solution is to follow someone else’s plan, the way they organized it. I’m turning off all my preferences that cause me to second-guess what I’m being told and then bend it to the way I think is best for me. I’m going to relax into not thinking about it and just following it – for ONE week. Starting tomorrow I’m following a full week of the Beachbody program “22 Minute Hard Corps” – workouts and diet.

Today I chose the meals that follow the eating plan, grocery shopped, and prepped some of my food for the week. It took a little time to accomplish this, but it didn’t really take that much brain power. What little organizational energy I have I’m going to use for wrapping up the school year.

My goals this week –

  1. Follow the “22 Minute Hard Corps” workout and eating plan
  2. Allow the plan to work by itself
  3. Consciously release my control freak tendencies
  4. Track my progress and how I feel

Commence release.