I Accept

I am a WeightWatcher member and always will be. I love their Beyond the Scale program. I have always wanted to be thin – and in my mind that also meant beautiful. Now I’m beginning to understand that I already am beautiful and I need to place my focus on being healthier not only with my physical body but also with what and how I think about myself.

It’s hard for me to mentally move beyond the scale, but I know that’s what I want to do. My struggle with my weight is more of a struggle inside my thoughts. When I was a teenager I thought I was fat – such an unkind word, but that’s how it was back then – but when I look at pictures from that time period I really was not fat. I wasn’t exactly like most of my peers in body shape and size, but I was NOT fat. Unfortunately that’s when my mental struggle began and I didn’t realize that all of it was so tied up with how I felt about myself. I have about 37 years of beating myself up mentally to release! That sounds overwhelming – almost. You see, I have had every tool and person that I need to help me find my way. I always have.

My WeightWatchers leader and personal coach, Joanie C., is a great source of encouragement, motivation, and acceptance. She introduced Yoga with Adriene (http://yogawithadriene.com/)┬áto me and yesterday I finished the 30 Days of Yoga program (30 Days of Yoga). It was an amazing experience. I feel like yoga is changing me on the inside and it feels great. Today I began YogaCamp (YogaCamp) and this 30 day program is adding a daily affirmation to focus on during the practice. Today’s affirmation is “I Accept.” How perfect that not only did I inadvertently begin a new routine that is placing focus on positive self-talk but also that it’s starting out with I ACCEPT?

I do, I accept. I am exactly who I need to be and I am exactly where I need to be right now. Just saying, “I accept.” releases tension that I’ve been holding inside my body. “I Accept” is helping me to do what I need to do and taking away the burden of “I Should.” I accept that I have everything I need and am exactly in the right place at the right time.

Whatever tomorrow’s affirmation may be, today I accept and I will return to this affirmation again and again.

I accept.